About Us

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Environmental Sustainability Engineering is a Project and Place-Based Learning opportunity at Grand Traverse Academy nestled in the pinky region of the Great Lake State of Michigan. You would be well challenged to find a location in Northern Michigan where you are more than a mile from any fresh water body, be it a creek no wider than an arms reach or the vast expanse of Lake Michigan. In light of such easy access to abundant fresh water resources we recognize the severity in the lack of such resources for many people. With this great privilege of fresh water bounty comes a great responsibility to preserve and protect these resources which includes innovating ways to meet the fresh water needs of those who lack adequate access.

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Andrew Lasko ’17

Chief Operating Officer: Emily Johnson ’17

Chief Financial Officer: Jason Sweeney ’17

Human Capitol and Marketing Director: Hannah Palmer ’18

Senior Engineer: Hunter Svec ’17

Senior Engineer: Nathan Zak ’19