Class Resources

Focus On: Food Sustainability

My Wish: Protect the Oceans Sylvia Earle 2009

Just Eat it  Grant Baldwin 2014

3D – Ocean Farming – The Least deadliest Catch Bren Smith 2013

The Four Fish We’re Overeating Paul Greenberg  2015

How I Fell in Love with a Fish Dan Barber 2010

Aquaponics – Getting More Out of Less Charley Price  2011

Focus On: Urban Farming Solutions

How We Can Eat Our Landscapes : Pam Warhurst 2012

Growing Green in the South Bronx : Stephen Ritz 2012

EcoWatch article : “This City is Home to 820 Urban Farms…”

Business Insider article : “The Tesla of Eco Villages”

Sustainable Cities Collective article :”Can Cities Feed Their Inhabitants?”

New York City Food Policy article : “Aquaponics in New York City”

5a Fast Coexist article : “How Cities are Tackling Their Enormous Food Waste…”

5b NRDC Report : “Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill”

NRDC article : “Not so Secret Gardens”

7a AUA article : Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project

7b CUAMP link

8 Financial Review article : “How Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk is disrupting farming with ‘food revolution'”

9 Business Insider article : “Elon Musk’s brother is building vertical farms in shipping containers”

10 Green Collar Foods *

11 GrowUp : “Made in London: GrowUp Urban Farm’s Tilapia Fish and MIcrogreens in Beckton”

Focus On: Entrepreneurs

Detroit DirtPashon Murray *

Green Spirit : Milan Kluko*

FarmedHere : Nate Laurell*  EcoWatch article

Urban Till : Brock Leach

Gotham Greens : Viraj Puri

Greening the Bronx : Stephen Ritz

Square Roots : Kimbal Musk

*Michigan Companies